Spirituality 101

Using the power of the love and the light to renew our ties with our God Self. This is what Spirituality offers us; a journey back to the source.

Spirituality brings us back to the entirety of our existence; it wants the union of all things.

Spirituality helps us move towards a better sense of self. A realization that we are more that just a physical body. It leads us to recognize our true self, our true nature.

Spirituality invites us to reconnect with our inner sanctuary; it desires to provide meaning and direction to our lives.

Spirituality leads us to question our lives and to take responsibility for what we have created in our lives until now.

Spirituality encourages us to live in the present moment and to accept our past from a place of love and forgiveness.

Spirituality desires the freedom to be.

Spirituality invites us to be ourselves in all our splendour; it desires for us to become better people.

Spirituality is sovereign; it has no dependencies.

Spirituality helps us to better respond to life situations rather than react to our emotions.

Spirituality shows us the way to victory and freedom through the experience of being one with our God Self.