Facilitating our lives by bringing back into our awareness Divine powers and blessings.

Divine energy is made of pure cosmic light substance called perfection. By inviting this stream of light into our lives we engage an action that promotes ease and grace and facilitate a more conscious decision-making process.

Working with the power of the universe increases our connection with our own inner guidance and is beneficial to our soul, state of mind and health. We become more alive, more empowered and more receptive to the fulfillment of our own life’s mission, here and now.

Here’s a great exercice to increase your Luminous Potential :

  1. Put your attention on your own I AM Presence located at the center of your chest cavity.
  2. Meditate upon this Inner Presence for a moment and send a wave of love and gratitude to your inner sanctuary.
  3. Choose the image of a luminous being ( angel, archangel..ect.) that resonates well with you, that brings a sense of calm and peace. 
  4. Deeply stare at the image for 11 minutes and 11 seconds followed by envisioning that you are being filled with higher purpose energy. Engage this process every day for the next seven days.
  5. On the 8th day, place your awareness on receptivity to allow higher frequencies (energies) to fulfill their purpose. Have no expectations and be in the moment.
  6. Start again for seven days and make it a daily ritual.

Enjoy your treatment !